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How To Properly Detangle Natural Hair

How to Properly Detangle Your Natural Hair. via @naturalhairmag

One of the main things naturals do everyday, combing to detandata:text/mce-internal,gle their hair, could make a huge  difference with their hair maintenance routine.

The way natural hair is combed, a simple task that many wo
men do everyday, could be the difference between hair growth and hair breakage.

Unnecessary pulling and tugging from combing is sure way to break natural hair off during a detangle. While a head of hair can be strong ad healthy, it can only withstand so much abuse. Hair is nothing more than dead protein produced by the body. That fact it is already dead, regardless how healthy it is, is enough reason to be more gentle with the comb.

The best way to avoid unnecessarily combing and detangling is to ditch the close-tooth comb for the wide tooth comb. Wide tooth combs do not create as much traction to the hair as other types of combs. And frankly, it makes sense. Really, would a curly headed woman use a small tooth rattail comb to detangle or a large hard plastic comb? A small tooth comb would require more time, more sectioning and more unwarranted pulling.

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In order to properly detangle hair, follow these simple steps to better detangle natural hair and retain length:

  • Wet the hair. It is not have to be sopping wet. Just a light spray of water to get the hair saturated.
  • Section the hair with a wide tooth comb or the end of a rat tail comb. Do not attempt to start from the top and comb all the way to the back.
  • Use a good natural based leave in conditioner for moisture. Good brands that carry natural leave-in conditioners include Shea Moisture, I Make Hair Grow and Cara B Naturally all carry good leave-in conditioners for detangling. Rub a small amount over each section of the head.
  • With a wide tooth comb, comb through each section, from root to end. Take time to work through any knots, using more leave-in conditioner or water as needed. Once combed through freely without resistance, move to the next section. Do not comb the now straightened section of hair over and over.
  • ONLY use a small tooth combed for very difficult knots. It is even recommended to use the rattail end of a rattail comb to work through tight knots. Saturate the knots with conditioner or water and slowly work through it.
  • Once all sections are combed out and free of knots, lightly rub coconut oil over the hair completely and cover with a satin bonnet for the night or style as desired.



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