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The Pros and Cons of the “Big Chop” versus Transitioning

If you are natural or are thinking of going natural, you’ve probably heard of the phrase “Big Chop.” The meaning to this is just as it sounds. The “Big Chop” is when most (if not all) of the hair is cut off in order to begin growing it from its natural state. This is and was the only choice for many who are natural today. However, there is another option.

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Transitioning may be the route for those of you who aren’t quite ready to jump right into the BC. Transitioning is when you grow out the relaxed or heat damaged texture in order to eventually have fully natural hair. Whether you decide to do the BC or transition is completely up to you. There are pros and cons to each of these methods.

One of the major benefits of the BC is that you get to see your natural curl pattern. Another benefit is you don’t have to keep cutting off the ends of your relaxed hair. Instead, you will be occasionally trimming the ends of your natural hair once it grows out. (To see a video on the benefits of the BC, click HERE).

Some of the downsides to doing the “Big Chop” are obvious and some are not. For example, the initial reaction to doing the BC is complete shock. This may be followed by regret, sadness, or even anger. Frustration soon settles in because you will realize there’s not much that can be done with your hair at the beginning stages following the cut. Your hair will be also be very dry. (For more information on reactions to the Big Chop See Video Below)

A benefit of transitioning is you can gradually get used to your natural hair and most of the time, there is little or no regret. You still have many options on how to style your hair as it changes from relaxed or heat damaged to natural. The downside to transitioning are the stringy strands that remain from the chemically treated hair. Also, it may be hard to know exactly what curl pattern you have because there’s still a mix of the relaxed or heat damaged hair on your head.

For both the “Big Chop” and the transition, you may feel tempted to go back to relaxed hair. You may experiment with extensions, braids, and other methods to grow your natural hair out. If you feel confident and ready to do the BC, then by all means go for it!
If you feel more comfortable easing into your natural hair pattern, then transitioning is right for you. Never choose to do one over the other because someone else is forcing you or believes it is right for you; being a naturalista means embracing who you were born to be. Whether you get back to your natural hair instantly or gradually the point is the same. Love the hair you were given, have fun with it, and rock it out to the fullest!

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