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I’ve been relaxer free for 6 years now,  though I feel I have less growth since being natural, the journey has been interesting educational and informative. My truth is I can’t braid nor two-stand-twist, My press outs are awesome but don’t last as long as I’d like it to,  I Love my Fro/My Crown but it’s never the same- from one day to the next,  but I can care for my hair- DC/Hot Oil, Cleaning,  Oiling My Scalp.  My Mom always said “your hair is as good as you treat it”.   I heard soo much about protective styles so now I want to Loc my hair – a permanent protective style that I can care for.  I think my loose hair requires too much manipulation, I’m thinking loc’s – cleanse, moisture, oil and go and maybe a pin-up-do here or there.

Hope someone can suggest a good Loc regime and wish me luck.   I’ve said if the Loc ‘s don’t work,  It’ll be my reason to do my 1st Big Chop.

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