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La’Chera Journey


My name is La’Chera and I am a 19 month natural. I have experienced the same trials as every other newly natural person but I took those bad days and embraced them. I am a southern girl therefore, I have many battles with humidity but I have learned how to retain hair moisture.

See my moisture maintenance routine below.

My hair regime for retaining moisture:

Step 1 I believe in the LOC method… Leave in/Oil/Cream or Butter

Step 2 I believe in creating cocktails for my hair generally consisting of my favorite oils and sometimes a little conditioner. This helps me keep moisture in my hair.

Step 3 I never sleep without my bonnet. I mean never.

Step 4 I use moisturizers daily to obtain the level of moisture desired to promote healthy happy tresses. Different moisturizers for different people.

Step 5 Less is more. The less you manipulate your hair the healthier it will become.

Your hair requires attention therefore massage oils in your scalp at least twice a week.

Spritz hair daily sometimes twice a day with your cocktail to seal in that moisture.

Natural hair is a journey and that is how I explain it when people seek advice from me about caring for their natural hair. I except and appreciate the hair that I have. Loving your hair is reflected in the end results along with finding the products that work for your hair. I encourage naturals to embrace your hair because it will never look like the next person so love it. This is the only opportunity in life that you have that what you have can’t be duplicate.

Live it, Love it, A Southern Girl on a Natural Hair Journey….

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