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Seedless Watermelon Is A Joke!

The other day I received a question about seedless watermelon.  Many know my stance on seedless fruits but from time to time people like clear explanations as to why I feel that fruits should have seeds in them.  Let me paint this picture for you.  Male and female, each one of us that’s on this earth all have a father.  Meaning we were produced by a non-sterile male.  Maybe they’re not in your life physically but you have someone who was at least a sperm donor that brought you here.  Think of it like this. Without the father there can be no you.  Without the seed there can be no fruit.  Let’s say there’s three guys.  One is a watermelon, the second is a peach and the third is a grape.  Then there’s one woman.  Whichever seed is planted into that women (aka the soil) that’s the fruit that she will bear.

So i’m watermelon.  If I were to plant the seed there that fruit is going to come out watermelon.  I can’t plant the seed there and think a peach is going to come out because I didn’t plant a peach seed.  You can only yield what you plant. As the male carries the seed that’s what’s going to come out.  When you have a grape with a seed you know that the grape is not genetically modified.  It’s legitimate because it has a seed.  When it doesn’t have a seed it didn’t have a father.

Have you ever known any of your friends to not have a father?  Not have a father in the sense that their mother conceived them without the assistance of any male sperm.  There’s not a person alive on earth that does not have a father.  You cannot be real if a seed didn’t produce you.  Sperm clinics around the world could not exist without the male seed!  So let’s provide a better perspective on seedless watermelon.

Seedless watermelon is like someone taking a piece of my DNA (arm, hair, saliva) and the next thing we know there is another person that looks like me in a year or two.  That’s not the real me.  The only real me could be my children not a piece of DNA that you took from me and played with it in a lab somewhere.

The same thing applies for the fruit that we consume.  If the fruit does not come from a planted seed that spent several months in the soil materializing then you’re eating something that is genetically modified.  I don’t want you to think that this is a war against seedless watermelon or other seedless fruit because it’s not.  If you should get in a bind and have to make a decision between eating seedless grapes or two candy bars I would hope that you’d choose the seedless grapes.  Seedless fruit is always going to be the better option in lieu of a pint of ice cream or a big bag of potato chips.

In the grand scheme of things if you want the nutrition you’re going to have to consume the fruits with the seeds. Because the seed is where all of the nutrition is!  This is another reason I recommend that people chew grape seeds and watermelon seeds.  Of all the fruits you consume the vitamins, minerals and other phytochemicals are present in large part due to the seed.  Without the seed there can be some nutrition but it’s going to be very little to minute.


So why does your fruit need to have a seed?  Your fruits need to have seeds because the purpose of eating (or replenishment) is to nourish the body and replace all nutrients that have been lost through perspiration, detoxification and repair.  It’s akin to driving a car until the tank is empty and filling the tank up with water because it’s liquid.  Yes the body is primarily water and it will help but eventually your body will need substance (nutrients) to maintain itself and flourish. When you eat you should receive health benefits from your foods.  “Let they food be thy medicine and they medicine be thy food” as the great Imhotep once said.

Sometimes you’ll be in a jam and have to make a concession.  Recently while traveling in the USA it was late and my options were limited at that hour.  I grabbed some seedless grapes (because I was craving sugar) and some trail mix.  I understood that I wasn’t going to get anything out of the seedless grapes but a little healthy sugar and some other limited nutrition. It was the healthiest alternative as opposed to consuming junk food at that hour.  I’m not saying that I don’t ever consume seedless watermelon or seedless grapes because I do.  But you need to know that it’s not the same.

I’ll leave you with a very fundamental example to drive the point home about seedless watermelon and company. Let’s say you purchased a seedless watermelon and took it home and immediately finished it.  It was so good that you wanted to grow a few watermelon from that particular watermelon.  How would you do it?  The truth is you wouldn’t be able to do it because there’d be no seeds for you to plant because there were never any from the start.  Case closed.

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