Natural Hair Mag

Shine Vs Sheen

Whether relaxed, natural or textured a true shine rarely appears on the hair. Most healthy

black hair types tend to have sheen and a matte appearance. Shine, which is related directly

to the ideal of flattened orientation of the cuticle layers.  It also involves the inability to

produce and/or maintain the shine among some textured hair types but does not always

onstitute a reflection of poor condition.


Shine has a direct correlation of light bouncing from the hair’s surface and being re-directed

toward the eye. Curls that are tightly wound and intertwining coils simply do not reflect light

in the same manner that straighter hair shafts do. This is due, in part to the fact that most

black hair does not shine in the usual sense.  Oils or serums are utilized which aids the hair

with shine. Thus, the hair may appear to be quite dry at first glance but at touch the hairs

true softness and health is quickly revealed.

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