Natural Hair Mag


In its organic state, black hair falls prey to a considerable amount of fiber shrinkage. In its

natural state hair has the propensity to draw up tightly and hug the scalp when dry.  This makes

it appear much shorter than what it actually is. Most consumers who have not extensively

researched hair care– shrinkage are advantageous for some hair styles where compact shapes

are desired.  These include but are not limited to: Afros and puffs. The shrinkage affects all

curly-haired persons to some extent; some textured hair types are more affected by hair

shrinkage than others. A looser or wavier curl pattern often retain more of its organically

natural length when going from wet to dry than naturally coiled or kinky hair. The fact remains

that kinky natural hair shrinks to half its length and shorter.  For instance, hair well below the

shoulder may possibly shrink back to ear length. This shrinkage is considered normal and is

simply an intricate part of our hair’s natural character.


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