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Shingling On Dry Stretched Hair

Regal Fro does It Again With Her Technique of Shingling on Dry Stretched Hair.

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  • Zenia

    My hair is very dry and my scalp . The texture I have is very thick , Shirley temple curls , like ringlets when it’s wet. I wear it natural all the time , I just need to know about some good natural products to use to moisturize my hair and scalp and to keep my curls moisturized ?

    • NHM Moderator

      Hi Zenia,

      Thanks for responding and the best way to combat dryness is through the usage of a cleansing/hydrating shampoo, a moisturizing conditioner,(deep conditioning every other week or once a month). The usage of a steamer is highly recommended as well. Make sure that you are receiving trims every 6 to 8 weeks. Healthy hair also stems from exercising, eating right, and drinking plenty of water. For more details, please contact the following natural hair experts on our page:

      Nneka Otim:

      Natasha Jackson:

      Jessyca Marshall: 800.309.7520 or