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Silica Supplements For Hair Growth

I’ve always heard of silica but never for hair growth until recently.

Silicone dioxide, the proper name for silica, is a natural compound often found in certain crystals like quartz and in many plants on the planet.

When used in small quantities, silica can be incredibly useful for the body as well. Silica works by repairing and improving connective structures inside the body, such as cartilage and weakening joints.

Silica always works by detoxing the body of toxics. One of the major toxics silica diminishes is aluminumFlattenedRoundPills. Too much aluminum in the body could lead to all types of serious problems, include brains calcification (when the braid retains too much calcium) and cancer.

When dealing with hair care, several women have sworn by the magic touch silica supplements have given them.

The body relies heavily on silica to grow strong hair and nails. It is what helps our nails grow thick and study and our hair to be durable and firm. A lack of silica could present a host of problems such as hair loss, breakage, weak joints and associated pain, brittle nails and scaly, dry skin.

Hence, why it is important to ensure your silica is put to par.

If you are not into taking supplements as often as you should, consider establishing a diet that includes more silica-based foods. Wheat foods like rice, barley and oats all contain silica. Vegetables that have silica in them include dark green leafy veggies, onions and beetroots. Other foods include bananas, carrots, cooked green beans and raisins.

The foods wit the highest amounts are bananas, wholegrain bread, green beans and organic carrots. Include them more often in your diet plan for better silica intake.

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