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Water-Only Haircare Routine

Why do I keep hearing about natural women approaching healthy natural hair from a water-only stand point?

I am trying to wrap my head around the concept. I mean that the best way to promote healthy natural hair is with a minimalist attitude: minimum heat, minimum manipulation, minimum product; I get that much. But what does a “water-only” approach for stronger, longer hair do?

Granted, yes, hair needs water on it just like we need water inside our bodies. Water is the best way to moisturize hair however; it is not great at retaining moisture. Water dries up very fast as you may know so a sealant to keep that moisture on your scalp and hair strands is necessary.

Then again, maybe it just depends on your hair type. The looser the curl, the better it retains moisture. That’s why you sometimes hear about people with curly hair types using very little product, besides water, on their hair.

There are plenty of naturals out there who have written about the water-only regimen on their natural hair. Minimalist Beauty blogger, Dawn, boasted about how well her curly coiled hair thrived since using a water only method and removing all product from her regimen, including shampoo.


YouTube user Wateronlyhairwash, made many videos describing the many ways her hair has benefitted from a water only (and occasional ACV rinse) approach.

Theoretically, I can see the water-only approach working as long as you keep your hair hydrated all day long. And I do mean ALL DAY LONG! Think about it: if you spritz your hair with water only on completely dry hair in the morning, how long do you think it will stay saturated?

I really think the water only approach will work only if one can have the discipline to actually keep water on their hair and scalp throughout the day.

There are options available that make the water-only approach somewhat easy. Hydrosols, or plant waters, are water infused with a plant’s (or herb, vegetable, fruit) natural essence. These would be quite popular for a woman attempting a water-only approach for her haircare routine.

While I support the minimalist attitude to haircare, I would be concerned about my hair not getting adequate retainment of moisture.

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