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A Simple Summer Time Natural Hair Regimen

So with Spring in the air, and then soon to be Summer, the one thing many naturals do NOT want to deal with is their natural hair.

Warmer weather is a great time for the hair to try and grow. I’ve noticed over the years that my natural hair grows the best when it is in the warm spring and summer days.

It is likely because warmer weather allows moisture to stay on the hair and scalp longer. Nothing like the winter time when hair, especially natural hair, gets brittle and dry very easily.

So what is an all-natural regimen to use during the lazy Spring and Summer days?

Personally, I trust water and oil to do the trick. Coconut oil, that is.

Coconut oil is an excellent conditioner by itself. It’s thick natural composition makes for an ideal sealant for water too, a necessity for natural hair.


One of our readers and her boyfriend having Easter fun in the Spring!

When you think about it, natural hair, especially 4B and 4C types, really doesn’t need anything else. Just water and that one oil that makes your hair feel wonderful. Of course some naturals may want to kick it up a notch by mixing their favorite oil in during a co-wash, which is fine too.

Another great thing about warmer weather is you do not have to oil your scalp as often as you do during the winter. Because the warmth allows the moisture to stick around a little longer, you don’t necessarily have to cowash everyday. I was cowashing my natural hair what felt like everyday in the winter but I look forward to the break I will be getting now.

So how do I use only coconut oil and water to get my hair growing? Simple:

1. I will either condition my scalp with the oil by massaging it all over my head. I can use generous amounts of coconut oil because my natural hair is so thick. But you will have to be the judge of how much is too much when using this oil.

2. I wrap my hair in a towel or plastic cap for hours! As a freelance writer, I am usually sitting somewhere typing an article or story. It is the perfect time to allow the coconut oil to work its magic on my scalp. Sometimes I let it sit for an hour or two. And other days, I will wear a shower cap all day for the great conditioning on natural hair.

3. I rinse it out. I do not use shampoo or any cleanser besides water.

And that’s it! My natural hair feels very moist, even after allowing it to dry completely. Then I walk out in the sun and allow nature do works its magic on my hair!

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