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How Long Should You Wear Your Protective Style?

I have been wearing my protective style of long kinky twists since February 15. So, in a few more days it will be 2 solid months I had my twists in my hair.

And I have no desire to take them out.

Protective styling gives you the freedom of not dealing with the twisting and retwisting and oiling and sealing that comes with wearing your natural hair out. Wearing a protective style allows means less product you would have to purchase to keep your tresses together,

But when is it time to take the protective style down and give your hair a rest? Well it’s really dependent on two things: You and Your hair.

You: Do you have the time to commit to getting your hair done routinely or going out to buy the co-washing product, oil product, rinse product and sealant product just to make your hair manageable? Do you have to be at work very early to where doing your hair simply gets in the way of the rest of your day? Do you even know how to do your own hair?!

Taking your protective style down could take a dip into your time and wallet, two things you cannot get back. Now if you were able to do your own hair, then taking out a protective style probably will not be that big of an issue. But for some naturals who can barely put a neat ponytail in their, much less a protective style, the idea of having to do their own hair could give them a conniption.


Your Hair: Secondly, how does you hair act while you’re wearing a protective style? Does it grow beautifully or is it snapping and breaking like dead grass? I know many natural hair websites and magazines boast about the advantages of protective styles, but if done incorrectly, you may end up with less hair than you started.

Personally, I love protective styles. My hair grows out great and they are the perfect solution when trying to figure out if my natural hair is indeed growing or not. Once I realize the protective style is beneficial, the decision rests on keeping the style.

Of course, no one wants a protective style that looks like an overgrown lawn. Then again, some naturals, like myself, love the feeling of thick, bushy new growth. But it is still wise to give your natural hair some breathing time, at least 2 months, in between rocking protective styles to ensure your hair is not getting weak.

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