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Snip Tips: Trimming Your Hair

Written by Geraldine Ferrer

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Hair Trimming.  For some us, it’s not our most favorite thing to do as we love to hold onto every ounce of our length! Where does this sourpuss attitude towards trimming our hair derive from? Our indifference is almost historical! Growing up, some of us were not taught how to care for our natural hair.  So, you can imagine that trimming our hair was also not encouraged because for as long as anyone can remember, long hair has been the collective goal in the natural hair community.

Nonetheless, trimming your hair is essential…not just for the routine of it but essentially for its health and length retention.  Yes, length retention! Think about it, if you don’t trim your hair often or at all you risk developing split ends.  If you don’t eventually trim or cut these split ends off the “splitting” will continue to rise, causing severe damage and breakage.  So, when you hear about the risks and precautions associated with hair trimming it’s almost a lose/lose situation. You’re better off trimming off those dead ends than holding onto them.

So…what are the benefits of trimming?

Trimming your hair can revitalize your entire head of hair!  For example, if you have or have had any damage, routine trimming gives you the opportunity to snip off those damaged hairs and leave room for healthy hair growth.  Also, trimming your hair allows your hair to grow back healthier and faster because there are no dead hairs in the way of this process!

How much hair should you trim off?

Everyone’s hair condition is different so there is no uniform amount of hair that should come off but perhaps when you examine the condition of your hair 1/2in-1 1/2in is usually standard.

What tools should be used?

Regular paper scissors prohibited! Buy some hair shears!

Who should trim your hair?

You are the best judge of this so this decision is left for you to decide.  If you have developed a trusting relationship with another person, be it a professional or close friend, then by all means you can designate them to aid you in your hair trimming routine.  However, if you prefer to be accountable for your hair trimming, then you can appoint yourself to be responsible for your hair trimming routine.

How often should you trim your hair?

The answer to this question is quite simple: as often as you need to.  People with damaged hair may tend to trim/cut their hair more often (3-4 times a year) than others purely because they have damaged ends to remove.  On the other hand, someone who does not have as much damage and simply trim their hair to remove minor dead ends may only trim their hair 2-3 times a year.  Both are acceptable.  Honestly, there is no right or wrong answer to this question.

Overall, hair trimming is most beneficial because it teaches us how to pay attention to our hair and listen to what it is saying that it needs.

So take a deep breath, listen and snip at your hair’s desire. =)

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