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5 Must Haves When Choosing A Hair Stylist


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While I do believe it is important to have knowledge of your hair and be able to style it in ways that allow you to feel beautiful and confident on a daily basis,  a professional stylist is a vital part of your hair’s beauty and over all health. We often feel like we have all the answers when it comes to our hair…. WRONG!  We can all use a little guidance and that’s what a stylist is for, to assist and guide. When you find a great stylist, you find a wonderful jewel, a diamond in the rough…to say the least. When you begin your search here are a few things to keep in mind.

 A Clean Environment and a Nice Atmosphere – These days both woman and men have a lot on their plate, and hair has not only become a major part of your appearance, but a time when you take a moment for yourself. It’s a time to unwind and pamper yourself, so the environment is crucial to the over all experience. If you walk in a salon and you get a negative vibe, that’s a red flag. You don’t want to go to a place where you feel uncomfortable, or feel anything negative, pay attention to the way you feel and know when you don’t feel positive, then it’s not the place for you.

You Want a Stylist Who is Concerned With Your Hair, and Respects Your Time – You definitely want a stylist who is concerned with your hair. If you go to a salon and your stylist doesn’t acknowledge the condition of your hair and scalp and is quick to style, they may not be the stylist for you. In this fast pace world timing is everything. You need a stylist that cares about your schedule, just as much as he or she cares about their own. Gone are the days when individuals have time to sit around all day for an appointment.

A Consultation is Priority– Most salons offer a 10 to 15 minute consultations.  Having a consultation is one of the most important aspects of your hair appointment. A stylist should suggest a consultation to assess the condition of your hair, discuss pricing, hair history and find out what your goals are. You should also expect to be asked about products and use of chemicals.

 Customer Service & Chemistry– When you meet your stylist for the first time, you should expect to be greeted in a friendly and inviting manner. Building a relationship with your stylist is crucial. It’s important that communication flows easily and you both are receptive.

Make Sure You See the Stylist’s Portfolio and/ or Have a Good Recommendation/Referral-Many say word of mouth is the best advertisement.  You might have seen someone’s hair and asked them for their stylist’s info or you might have seen their work in a magazine or online, any of these circumstances are great ways to see the stylist’s work or get more info about the stylist. If you haven’t been referred or seen the stylist’s work, ask to view their portfolio at your consultation.

All in all, what works for some may not work for others, but it’s best to find out what works for you, with a little preparation and patience you on your to finding your partner in crime…. your stylist.
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