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When A Stylist Uses a Product Without Your Consent

IMG_20141127_1-1-1I came across a story about a natural going into a salon to get her hair deep conditioned. I am not sure if the stylist was someone new or someone the natural had been to before.

Apparently, the stylist walked away from her to mix the deep conditioner treatment in a back room, which the customer did not find too unusual. When the stylist returned and started to apply the “conditioner” on her hair, she immediately smelled something familiar but undesirable.

She said the smell is very pungent, almost chemical-ish…and that was because IT IS.

Apparently, the stylist mixed a bit of perm into the deep conditioner treatment to make the customer’s hair more straight and, therein, more manageable…WITHOUT the customer’s approval.

Really?! I mean, aren’t there laws against that?!

The girl reported burning of her scalp and an allergic reaction to the deep conditioner/per concoction and the stylist rinsed it out immediately. But now that natural has perm on her hair that she did not even ask for!

But there are ways to avoid a negligent stylist from jacking up your hair.

  1. Tell the stylist your natural at hello! Inform her or him that you simply do not allow a lot of chemical product in your hair and to ask from the door if that is a problem or not. If so, you know you’re in the wrong salon.
  2. Know what a perm smells like. Frankly, most of them have the same horrible, rotten egg-ish fume to them. Avoid them like the Black Plague!
  3. Go to a salon that specializes in natural hair texture. Just because someone has been to cosmetology school does not mean they are experienced with working with a variety of hair types.
  4. If ANYTHING the stylist does is against your wishes, and you have informed them of this and they ignored you, get up from your seat and leave without paying. You should not pay for services you did not ask for and more importantly, for desires the stylist kept ignoring. In fact, depending on if that negligence caused your hair serious damages, you could have a law suit!
  5. Tell your stylist the products you use and if they do not mind using them. Plenty of stylist do not mind using products you use at home. A good stylist will make the experience as comfortable for you as possible.
  6. DO YOUR OWN HAIR! I cannot stress this enough! The money you save is worth considering how to learn to do your own natural hair. Frankly, the more manipulation you do to natural hair, the less good you could be causing. Furthermore, you do not have to worry about someone else using potentially harmful products in your hair.

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