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Monistat and Other Odd Hair Growth Methods

Yes, you have read that right!

Apparently, there are men and women out there who swear that using yeast infection cream will promote hair growth.

According to a recent Black Doctor article, there is no proof that the unusual method does indeed promote hair growth, but it was simply too outrageous to not explore!

Before we pass too much judgement, people have tried all types of things to encourage hair growth. From rotten eggs to carrot juice to God knows what else, people, especially women, will be on the forever quest to find that Holy Hair Growth Grail!

I even read once how a woman used dilated urine to rinse her extremely oily scalp and cure her acne!

(Excuse me while I sip my tea on that last one…)

But odd and unconventional ways to grow hair is nothing new. I mean, the every idea of this entire natural movement is based off of finding new and exciting ways to promote healthy curly and kinky hair without the overload of chemical products.


But while Monistat is a little “out there” for unusual hair growth techniques, it is by far the only off-the-wall sworn methods to get hair roots to sprout.

Unusual Methods To Grow Hair:

Eat a ton of peppers! Capsaicin is a common compound in peppers and is known to increase the activity in hair follicles, thus increasing blood flow and growth.

Pull it! Apparently, occasional yanking and tucking will make follicles more active and prone to growth. This could be associated with stretching.

Any anti-fungal cream. Many people swear by it but I am still trying to figure out how it works. But IF you were interested in trying, it is suggested that you mix it with your favorite hair oil first.

Garlic and Onion juice. It would be a simple matter of make the juice itself and rubbing it on your scalp. Could work…as long as you don’t mind your hair messing like sweaty underarms.

Semen. I promise, I am not making this up. Someone somewhere tried this nonsense and reported success rubbing it on their scalp. Even after trying to find some proof, I still cannot see how any body fluid could benefit hair growth…excuse me while I sip more tea….

Peanut Butter. Mixing it with a leave-in conditioner and oil apparently makes a great protein mask.

Not washing your hair! You know, my Native American grandmother swore by this. She would not wash her hair for months and surprisingly had long, silky hair. I hardly ever heard her talk about breakage or anything. Still, I may have to degrees this one too…

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