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Treating Extremely Dry Hair With The L.O.C. Method

I had a recent convo with a friend about her daughter’s very dry hair. For a few years now, her hair has had a problem with retaining growth because it is so difficult to keep moisture.

We discussed what she has tried in the past including regular conditioners, deep conditioners and hot oil treatments. Nothing provided any relief to the poor baby’s hair and scalp.IMG_0102

My second guess was some type of health problem causing her hair to not grow properly. After inspecting her hair and scalp, I did not see any dry patches, sores or irritation of the type. With that, I personally ruled eczema out. Of course, for a proper medical inspection, I recommended she take the child to a doctor.

Lastly, I suspected the hair simply was not being moisturized properly and often.

The child has 4C type hair and that is one of the most delicate and driest textures. It is hard to retain moisture in hair types that are extremely curly and coily.

With that said, I told my friend to try the L.O.C. method. You will find plenty of YouTube videos on the L.O.C. method, which stands for Liquid, Oil and Cream.

The L.O.C. method works in this order:

  1. Liquid: The hair must be moisturized from water, the best moisture for skin and hair.
  2. Oil: Massage an oil onto the hair and scalp that the scalp actually likes. Go-to oils for extreme dryness include jojoba, olive and coconut. Oil allows the water to spread over the hair and scalp for more moisture coverage, as well as supplying nutrients to the scalp.
  3. Cream: It is ideal to use a leave-in conditioner to seal the water and oil in for a greater effect. Whipped shea butter should work fine too. I do this on my own hair and I must say, it has cut down on the breakage and stringy, damaged hairs I was dealing with recently.

The L.O.C. method is simple, quick and requires minimal effort for a huge and common natural hair problem. Look at how own natural does the L.O.C. method and the success she experienced with it.

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