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A No-Heat Movement?

As more and more women embrace the natural hair movement, I wonder if more will embrace a no heat movement, especially for curly and kinky hair.

I cannot help but to wonder why we naturals continue to spend so much time on straightening our hair when we are supposed to be embracing the very opposite.

Heat is like an immediate death trap to natural hair, even when used carefully. While is it possible to use some heat products on natural hair safely, it should not be part of a regular routine.

Heat products dry out hair entirely too fast, even when using the proper methods to protect the hair. Personally, heat protectants dry my hair out even before applying heat, so it works in my benefit to simply not use heat or very minimal heat.

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But many other women have taken notice of the damage heat brings even when using caution. Is it that serious to have heat on your hair? And why attempt to do it yourself? Go to a professional who knows what in the wonder they are doing. They know the correct temperatures to use and products to have.

When I visit various natural hair Facebook groups, I cannot help to notice that the same problems are emerging from women posting photos of their damaged hair: heat is to blame. After so many times of BC-ing and trimming your hair unnecessarily, one would think to change up their routine.

And frankly, does you have need to be straight? I mean, it’s naturally curly so why manipulate it to be what it is not? That’s why naturals have thrown out the perms for the protective styling.

Perhaps, we should start doing the same for heating products too. I cannot help but to think how healthy and stronger and longer many naturals hair would be if they would simply bench the heat for a long time.

I’d recommend not using heat at all or at least for several months if it can be helped. Secondly, naturals should get into the habit of doing their own hair. I think doing your own hair will help some naturals establish a better connection with their hair; what it can do and what it can not do; what it tolerates and what it hates.

I think this embrace will make your hair natural a more successful without the desire of heat ever.

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