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Using Satin Lined Caps To Protect Your Hair

satin lined caps


One of the more pivotal keys to growing healthy hair is protecting that which you have.   This is what we call nurturing the environment (or the exterior).  There are two parts to maintaining healthy hair.  The first part focuses on nutrition while the second focuses on the environment, as previously mentioned.  Today we will explore a very valuable yet unspoken of option for promoting a great “environment” for hair growth.  We’re speaking of none other than the use of satin lined caps.  The truth is that you can do many things right on the nutrition side of things but if your hair is not properly protected during the day or at night there’s a good chance that you could experience hair fallout.

You may be wondering why Satin Lined Caps?  The benefit of using satin on your head as opposed to cotton or other inferior products is that satin allows your hair to retain moisture which is vital to hair follicles.  In addition to the loss of moisture people with weak ends often lose them because the fabric that they use causes excessive friction and a “catching” sensation.  When hair gets caught on fabric it’s a great chance that it will detach from your head.  Satin is smooth and promotes free movement of the hair with impunity.

Grace Eleyae has proven to be one of the industry leaders in high quality yet durable satin lined caps.  What makes this company so unique is their wide variety of options available for everyone.  It’s literally impossible not to find a style or color that is right for you.  They have taken the liberty to design satin caps for public or private use in the comfort of your home.  No more feeling as though you will be laughed at in public for wearing your huge baker’s bonnet in an attempt to protect your hair.  If you feel that a satin lined cap may be a bit much for you Grace Eleyae has now extended their products to bed accessories.  They now have satin pillow cases available.  Comfort and style is no longer an issue as Grace Eleyae has proven that it is possible to look and feel good while protecting your hair. Look no further than Grace Eleyae’s SLAP as the gift to give or receive this holiday season.

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