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When Should I Moisturize


Hair Should Be Moisturized

several times per week or whenever your hair feels dried out by the surrounding elements.

Moisturizing daily can be extremely important for individuals who are beginning a

healthy hair regimen and for some with natural hair. Applying a moisturizer product

several times throughout the day, may also be an indication that the product is not a

true moisturizer or that there is severe damage to the hair cuticle. If you find that you have to

apply moisturizer to your hair several times in one day, you may be dealing with a porosity

issue. Your cuticles may be damaged and releasing moisture as quickly as you are putting it

there. If you follow a dedicated deep-conditioning regimen and often you may find that your

hair’s daily moisture requirements drop significantly, and that they are able to go an average

of three to four days or longer between moisturizing touch-ups.


It is recommended that the best times to apply moisturizing products are just before bed,

prior to combing or manipulating the hair and before outdoor activities.  Once you have rinsed

out a conditioner or leave-in conditioner during your normal shampoo & conditioner regimen

you may want to focus all moisturizing efforts on the ends of your tresses, where the hair is older

and where the majority of the trauma and damage is concentrated.


Moisturizing the hair before bed is particularly beneficial. Tying your moisturized hair up at

night reduces friction to the fibers from rubbing that might occur from your late-night tossing

and turning. This will also give you a fresh, moisturized start in the morning. If you go to bed with

dry, parched hair, you will wake up with even drier hair. Although it is preferable to first moisturize

and then oil the hair as part of your night routine, simply applying an oil lubricant to the hair to

reduce friction between the strands at night can also be beneficial. This is the simple science behind

those “grow-your-hair” night caps and bonnets often advertised in stores. These satin bonnets

usually come with some sort of oil product that is applied to the hair each night.

These products work because they reduce friction between the hair fibers. The oil product

lubricates and smoothes the cuticles, and the satin bonnet protects the hair from cotton

pillowcases which helps reduce hair breakage.


Moisturizing the hair before heading outside for prolonged outdoor activities, especially in the

hot summer and bitter cold months, is also a wise practice. Extreme temperatures can deplete

moisture down to zero, leaving your hair a dry, brittle mess. A water-based moisturizer may follow

a leave-in conditioner in your normal washing routine or, depending on the moisturizing product,

replace a leave-in conditioner altogether. For those with fine hair, leave-in conditioners often

work well as water-based


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  • Lovelee

    I don’t totally agree with this article I have to mercerize my hair several times a day Reside and a dry desert like area So my skin and my hair must be moisturized at least 3 to 4 times a day.

    • NHM

      In desert conditions there may be a need to moisturize more often. Definitely exceptions to many situations.

  • Starchild

    Can you recommend the best moisturizer for my locs?

    • latoyia

      I recommend Taliah Waadjid products for locs. They’re inexpensive and found in all local retailers.