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Yoga Positions for Hair Growth

Are you health nut? If so, have you ever tried yoga to make your hair grow?

Even if you are not into exercising, we all know that it contributes to your overall health. And when you are healthy, your hair is healthy.

But for the non-exercise buffs (like myself) there are simple yoga positions that actually encourage hair growth.

Yoga has been a staple in naturally balancing many health problems including weight loss. diabetes and hormonal imbalance.

In relation to hair growth, some yoga positions generate blood flow to the scalp such as the Uttananasa and Sasangsana positions as you will see below. With blood flow comes nutrients and hormones necessary for hair growth.

And yes, these positions are beneficial for natural hair too!

A great time to try this out would be after a shampoo and deep conditioner when those key ingredients are seeping into your scalp. The generating blood flow will allow those essential oils to settle more efficiently.

So if you are looking to ante up for exercise game, try these yoga movements for the added benefit to your hair!

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