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Benefits to The No-Poo Method

I know we’ve all heard about the no poo method when it comes to taking care of natural hair.

For those of you who have been under a rock, the no poo method is essentially what it implies…using no shampoo.

The no poo method started many years ago as a way to explore a greener way of life. Many commercial lines of shampoos are loaded with chemicals that could do more harm than good. Many of these chemicals have been known to cause dandruff, scalp irritation and some even contain cancer-causing agents in them.

The no poo method also came from the growing urge of consumers who did not want to use animal-tested products. Frankly, most products in haircare, especially those that do not heavily include natural ingredients, are animal tested. Many natural haircare lines, like Shea Moisture, do not animal-test.


So, does no-pooing work? Does not washing your hair make matters worse? No pooing is not an excuse to NOT wash your hair. But it is an excuse to not wash your hair with shampoo.

With that said, let’s review the ways throwing all your shampoo bottles away could benefit your hair growth:

Reduces dandruff: Laying off of the chemicals that are known for irritating the scalp could help manage your dandruff better. I’ve read about some dandruff cases completely disappearing when some women stopped using shampoo.

Doesn’t strip your hair: Many chemicals are known for stripping the natural oils on your scalp right now. Sometimes some shampoos get your hair too clean and that could cause breakage.

FREE: This is my favorite part! You no longer have to go out and buy shampoo. Alternative cleaners like clay, baking soda or apple cider vinegar (ACV) are probably in your kitchen right now.

Healthier for you and the environment: Washing with water only or another mild cleanser prevents possible irritation of the scalp or oil stripping. Hair needs water, especially natural hair, before any oil, conditioner or cowash. And using a green-friendly approach is actually comforting to many women in knowing that they are benefitting themselves and their environment.



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  • mscurious2010

    I’m glad all this information is out there for us women of color, to know about taking care of our hair.