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Zendaya and Solange Knowles Put Giuliana Rancic To Shame

So, you may have heard of E! News anchorwoman Giuliana Rancic popping off at the mouth about Zendaya’s protective style during the Oscar’s this past weekend.

Just to give you some background, Zendaya, the lovely young woman who was slated to play Aaliyah in the Lifetime biopic of the late RnB singer, attended the Oscars looking nothing less than stunning!

And to top of the beauty, she wore faux locs to the event.

However, not everyone was a fan of her choice of style, most notable Giuliana Rancic. Catch her silly comments below:


However, Zendaya responded on Twitter with grace, education and everything else Giuliana Rancic was not in making the highly tacky and unnecessary comments about her hair.


The product of an African American dad and Caucasian mother, Zendaya has no shame in embracing what she and her hair is.

Solange Knowles, who is no stranger to people voicing their opinions about her hair came to Zendaya’s defense with her own Tweet:



As you can imagine, Rancic apologized for her silly comments almost immediately!


It would be REAL nice for the natural hair ignorance to just frigging stop for crying out loud. I mean, is there a patent on what’s beautiful? It’s easier to be stereotypical than to see this girl for what she really is: a stunning, beautiful talent that deserves respect just like anyone else in Hollywood!

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