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Family, Veganism and Sickle Cell

Back Story.  T.J. Brown has spoken at more than 100 events as a motivational and health/wellness speaker.  He is a sickle cell survivor.  As a child he was told that he wouldn’t live to see age fourteen and that he would not be able to bear children. He is currently twenty-eight years of age with a happy healthy four-year-old son.  Most people with his illness experience a lifetime of pain and suffering. T.J. lost his spleen at the age of two and his gallbladder at nineteen.  After having several close calls with death, T.J. chose to stand up and make a change in his life. Through the knowledge of a natural holistic lifestyle he was able to overcome something that was once thought of as impossible.


I was born in the year 1988 in Mt. Vernon, New York with special blood.  I say special blood because the DNA I carry tends to be pretty high maintenance. Most people that carry the same gene have to undergo frequent blood transfusions, regular doctor visits, loads of prescription medicine and follow a strict food regimen to stay healthy.  As a youth, I picked my food, snacks and juice right from my yard.  Apples, Nesberries, oranges, mint, pumpkin, bread fruit, ackee, yam, potato, lime, cherries, berries, the list goes on and on.  Little did I know that this daily practice, which lasted for over a decade was literally saving me and preparing me for what was ahead.

I had no idea how valuable following a high plant-based lifestyle was until we moved to Florida.  I immediately began eating things like school pizza, Lunchables, Mcdonald’s, and KFC.  Not to mention the carbonated drinks I thought I couldn’t go a day without. The irony is as fast as I adapted to the “Standard American Diet” (aka S.A.D), I was just that sad, sick and dying. With frequent trips to the emergency room due to excruciating pain and high fevers, I lived the next decade missing an average of 90 days of school and missing out on a lot of family, social and personal experiences.

This is because I was born with Sickle Cell; a hereditary blood disorder/nutritional deficiency illness that causes the red blood cells to sickle which may lead to low blood count, stroke, heart attack, extreme fatigue, bone loss, organ failure and a plethora of additional unsavory side effects.  Prescription painkillers and antibiotics were my only means of defense although they were barely keeping me alive.  In fact they were making my symptoms worse!  After coming to the realization that I was not going to live much longer, I decided to do whatever it took to change my life. The transitions to a healthy lifestyle led my family and I to a life of veganism.  I can see how veganism has helped in the development of my four-year-old son.  He is healthier and more aware than other kids his age.  It has been an amazing and rewarding journey.  We have always dreamed of being able to take care of ourselves so that we can share wisdom and help others.

Treating my symptoms with a holistic, plant-based approach has changed my life tremendously. Being vegan has had such a positive impact on my life.  I was once on 14 prescriptions a day due to sickle cell.  Currently, I take B12, tinctures and Healing Blends®.  My sick days have decreased and I went from being in and out of the hospital on a weekly (sometimes daily) basis to about once every four months. Sometimes I can go a full year without being admitted into the hospital.  I have raised my average blood count that has led to increased energy.  I am able to live life without being in pain all day every day.  I’m able to spend quality time with my son and live a life I once thought was far-fetched.

These days we spend our time with like-minded people by hosting events and get-togethers.  We are also nutritional evangelists to a degree!  We visit churches, schools, colleges, homes, and various venues spreading the good news about plant based healing and veganism.  The results I have seen in myself and others are astounding.  After seeing a change in my family and myself we decided to dedicate our lives to helping others. We started a 501c3 charity organization called Sickle Cell Natural Wellness Group Inc.  A health and wellness foundation that provides wellness supplies and teaches healthy lifestyle techniques through art therapy, music, various demos, cooking classes, wellness presentations and health coaching.

Written By T.j. Brown & Family

Wishing you health & wealth,

President, Sickle Cell Natural Wellness Group Inc.( 501c3 Non-profit)

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