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Natural Hair Styles: Simple and Easy to Complex and Difficult


Here’s NHM Model Rochelle who has been natural for 26 years!

Women with very tightly coiled and curly hair usually feel like they have a chore to contend with when trying out different styles on natural hair. There are some styles that are quite simple and there are others that are quite laborious and complex. Let’s review some natural hair styles from easy to difficult.

The puff is a classic natural hair style sensationalized by African Americans in the 60s and 70s. With the emergence of the “no more creamy crack” movement, the afro puff is a simple and popular style amongst black women. Simply comb or brush your hair into a ponytail or headband and feather out the loose hair. Accentuate it with a lovely pin or other decoration and be on your way!

Two strand twists are simple, but require a little more labor. Many natural hair stylists recommend washing the hair before attempting a two-strand twist. Take two small pieces of hair, massage both with leave in conditioner and wrap them around each other until your reach the tip of the strands. Repeat this until your entire head is twisted up. Again, you can wear some pins, flowers or even a colorful head wrap until the hair dries or you can let it air dry. Unraveling the twists will create a beautiful, curly-fries look to your hair, which can be maintained for several days.

The fun thing with this natural hair style is that you can start them off very simple. Dreadlocs (or locs) can be started with two strand twists, braids or as free loc individual locs of hair. The beauty with locs is that they require little maintenance. But that does not mean you can stop caring for your hair. Every several months you will have to retwist or latch your locs for maintenance. If this isn’t done properly, you may risk damaging your locs and they could break off.

These are very difficult to pull off on natural hair, especially if the hair is not long enough to start with. Up dos can be individual natural hair styles in one. Corn-rolled up-dos are stunning but very time consuming and complex. Flat-twists (twists that are created at the scalp, not free falling) can be styled in an upward way but an amateur should not do this. It will need to be pinned up in several places or something may need to be wrapped, tied or re-twisted. While up dos can be gorgeous, they require a great deal of work and maintenance.
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