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5 Styles To Survive An Intense Workout

Too often I have clients ask me how can they maintain their beautiful tresses and still get a great workout. They always feel like they need to make a choice- great hair or a great workout. Why can’t you have it all? Well, you can and I will tell you how.

1. Loose Hair Don’t Care

With so many style options these days, we often forget about the simplicity of a wash and go. When you work out on a consistent basis, it’s great to have the option of loose hair. That’s the beauty in being natural, when all else fails, rock your twa (teeny weeny afro)! It’s easy and it’s a great way to give your hair a rest from combing and styling.


2. Let Loose With Locs

Locs are pretty easy to maintain with a work out but I find it’s those individuals with long locs that run into issues while working out. Try using Loc Socs or put your hair in a top-bun or ponytail. This prevents your locs from getting in your way. Another great style option for locs is setting them on pipe cleaners. With pipe cleaners you get two styles in one and you can leave the pipe- cleaners in for two to three weeks. When you take them out you have beautiful spiral curls.

loc style


3. Twist It Up

Twist and pin-up styles are great for working out. It’s a great way to have your hair styled while working out and when your ready to take it out you have pretty crinkles, curls and waves. Try not to manipulate your hair while it’s wet from your workout, if you do, it will frizz. Cool off and let your hair dry. Your twist out style will still be amazing after your intense work out.

Pin Up Style

4. Protect and Sweat

Sew-in’s, braids, havana- twist and kinky-twist are great protective styles that work great with intense workouts. Protective styles are a great option for maintaining the health of your hair. I suggest keeping protective styles for six to eight weeks.

havana twist

5. Wrap & Roll

There are so many cute ways to wrap your hair these days. Whether it’s a cute headband, bandana, scarf or head wrap. Each of them are a trendy way to cover your hair while working out.

Wrap Style


Planning is also a big part of maintaining your hair while working out. Make sure your work out plan goes along with your hair –styles. For the days that you do a lighter workout you can have more fun with your hair! Whether it’s yoga, dance or weight lifting, exercise is major part of your well-being. Never sacrifice your health for your hair. With a little planning, you can have it all.

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