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Biological Benefits to Curly and Coily Hair

curly and coily hair

In the past few decades, we have seen those with naturally curly and coily hair alter the look of their natural tresses for a straighter, less curly look. We have heard people refer to their hair as “unruly”, “nappy”, “uncooperative”, and so on. A lot of this has to do with the assimilation into the dominant culture of the time, which in the US (and many other places across the globe) is primarily Caucasian with straighter hair. People are biologically suited to their natural environments and climate. Our bodies do amazing work in adapting to the region of the planet in which it dwells in order to increase our survival. The variations of people across cultures and within races can first be attributed to the climates to which they are native, and second to the intermixing of DNA. Those with curly and coily hair, as well as darker skin and wider noses, are scientifically linked to the continent of Africa, where the climate is hot. When we understand why our hair and other features differ, we can understand it’s wonderful purpose and hopefully love ourselves even more J

Here are some of nature’s main benefits to those with curly/coily hair:

Heat Insulation and Cooling. Curlier and drier hair is beneficial in climates that are hot. The hair provides a layer of protection against direct sunlight and keeps the scalp cool. It absorbs water and sweat (via “shrinkage”) and further provides a cooling affect. It’s like a built in AC. Those with straighter and oilier hair in these same hot climates would need further protection from the direct sunrays and would be more susceptible to scalp burn and overheating.

Protection. Housed in our head is our most valuable organ: our brain. It needs all of the protection it can get and our hair can protect our heads from UV radiaton, excessive direct heat or cold, and act as a cushioning. It is believed that we have accumulated and retained hair on our heads because of its proximity on top of our bodies and direct connection to the sun and elements. The more volume and density of the hair via its curls and coils, the more protection it can provide.

Sensory. I often talk about energy and vibes in our hair, but now science can also confirm the transmission of senses and subsequently energy, via our coils. Our hair on our head, as well as our bodies, can pick up and respond to movement, change in temperature/climate, air quality, humidity and more. The spiral of a curl/coil is able to emit and receive large amounts of energy. It is this spiral pattern that energy flows, our dna molecules resemble, and since its on our crown, it is said to enhance our psyche overall.



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  • jesia

    re the last paragraph about sensory..this isnt meant to be negative but do u think it can explain since my big chop i have been getting headaches almost everyday…my hair is about 3 inches.

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    Check out my beautiful friend, educator, dancer, and model, Dorcas Owusu!

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  • Deborah

    We don’t need any blonde naturals either! It defeats the purpose doesn’t it?

  • Paula McKinney

    Hi Jessyca Marshall, my name is Paula Mckinney and I am a student at Xavier University. I am writing a paper on the ecological advantages/benefits of being African American coming from a biological perspective in the interest of not sounding prejudice. I came across your article about the biological benefits of curly hair and I was wondering if you pulled this information from some other article(s)? If so, I was wondering if you would be willing to share those sources.

    • NiIzMu

      Hello. I would like to read your article. Where can I find it?