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$75,000 For Woman Who Got Hair Chopped Off By Cop

“No! You can’t touch my hair!”

We’ve all seen the hilarious memes showing people getting slapped, kicked and punched for inviting themselves to touch natural hair but for one woman, she was able to get $75,000 for her incident.

Charda Gregory was arrested back in November 2013 for allegedly trashing a hotel room.

Upon booking at a Warren, MI jail, Gregory was forced into a chair, after police claim she was talking about committing suicide.

One cop, Bernadette Najor, then began to cut Gregory’s hair. As part of protocol, female inmates are to remove all hair weaves and extensions at some jails. But Gregory was wearing a sew-in style at the time.

We all know it take precision and care to cut a sew-in out of our hair! But looking at this video, Office Najor did not have neither one.

After Wrarren officials determined Najor was out of line chopping off Gregory’s hair, she was place on leave. Najor has since been fired.

In exchange for dropping Gregory’s charges and her suit against the police department, the city of Warren awarded her $75,000.

Inmate or not, you aint touching my hair!!!! Read more on the story here.

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