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Benefits to Finger Combing

I hear about more and more naturals deciding to combing their natural hair with their fingers as opposed to their wide tooth combs.

Some believe it is just part of their journey and it allows them to be more connecting in an organic way with their hair. Others believe it is healthier for their hair. Others are too lazy to dig in their makeup drawer for one.

But is there a real benefit to finger combing? But of course!

Finger combing allows to you have more control over how rough you may be with hair. A comb does not to do. Even if you are being extra careful, a comb could still do more harm than good.

Finger combing allows for easy access to your scalp. Finger combing and massaging your scalp is something your natural tresses should get routinely. Massages allow for better blood circulation to reach your scalp, along with vital nutrients. Massages also allow for any oils, natural or applied, to really settle into your roots more effectively.

Finger combing leads to less breakage as well. Again, having control over how intense you are being with your hair makes the world of difference in how much hair you lose.

While this is all good, I would not say to toss your wide tooth combs yet. Combs are still have detangling those strands that just want to be stubborn against gentle fingers. A little moisture and few strokes should work through most kinks on even the most natural texture.

Many naturals find that between mostly finger combing and wide tooth combing when necessary, a mix of both has proven to be the most beneficial to their hair.

Check out how one of the natural hair gurus, Naptural85, gets it done!

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