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How To Tell If Your Hair Is Healthy

For many naturals, it is more important to have healthy hair than to have long hair.

Healthy hair will lead to growth but sometimes it is hard to determine when and if your hair is indeed healthy.

Many naturals can do everything right: cowash, shampoo mildly, protective style and use minimum to no heat and still cannot tell if their hair is really healthy.

Additionally, some naturals can watch their diets, drinking mostly water, cutting their processed sugar intake and increasing their fruits and vegetable intake as well as eating more protein.

And they still question if their hair is actually healthy.

Well thankfully, there are a few ways to tell if your hair is healthy or not. Check out some of them below:

  • Head full of curls! Is your hair full? Meaning, do you have any thinning or bald spots? If you are experiencing fullest all over your head, chances are you’re hair is pretty healthy.
  • Do you have minimum breakage? Meaning, whenever you comb your hair, especially when are detangling, do you see long strands after strands come out? If so, you need a trim and your hair may not be very healthy.
  • The snap test. When you gently pull on each end of a strand of hair that fell out, does it snap easily or does it show durability? If it’s pretty durable, your hair is probably healthy.
  • Does your hair have life? Meaning, when you pick it out, does it appear full or limp? If it’s on the limp and listless, then you may need to do a protein treatment to get it healthy again.

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