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Where Can You Get Advice About Natural Hair (Outside the Internet)

Yes, this may be an obvious question but some naturals like being able to talk to someone about their natural hair struggles.

Many naturals, particularly lovely mature aged naturals, simply are not technologically incline to read blog posts all day long. Other naturals are just too busy to r=watch YouTube channels. Others may just be plum lazy.

But getting one on one advice about your hair will always trump reading advice online. While YouTube videos and blogs are wonderful sources, your natural hair journey is a personal one and sometimes you want to talk to a skilled stylist face to face.

Sometimes, naturals want to be able to interact with their stylists on a level they simply cannot through a computer screen.

With that said, where do you get advice for your natural hair outside the internet?

Check out the most obvious places to go for great advice:

  • Salons that specialize in natural hair. The most obvious salons would be African braiding shops, Dominican shops or shops that have a solid stream of kinky and oily clients. Don’t be afraid to ask for a number to call a stylist for more tips.
  • Coworkers. Chances are you have at least one other coworker that you interact directly or indirectly with. Approach her one day with a compliment, asking how she manages to keep her hair so cute.
  • Church. If you attend a racially diverse church, you likely have a slew of natural beauties in the pews. Strike up a friendly conversation with one about your hair!

It’s necessary to get up from the computer and, ya know, get a life. But sometimes it pays to interact with other people with similar interests as you. It’s healthy to get to know other people and who knows, you may find a new friend to hang with in the process!

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