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Who’s Touching Your Hair?

touching your hair

Ever had hair that seemed to fall apart or get worse after being handled by someone?  Or did you have hair that thrived and excelled in the hands of someone? Do you seem to have either of those effects on your own hair? Understanding the hands that grace your hair is a necessary factor in the pursuit of great looking and healthy hair.  An often overlooked factor of hair care is the energy and intent of the person styling and touching it.  It can be either healing or hurtful to your hair overall. At any given time there can be many different hands in our hair: friend, stylist, family and your own. However, for a healthy head of hair, there are many factors one must consider about the hands that grace our hair.

Why are the hands touching your hair? Is your hair being touched out of curiosity, dismay, admiration or disgust? Are you getting your hair styled for a temporary look such as for a fashion show or photo-shoot, or a long term style like locs, braids, or twists? Is the person handling your hair providing a service that will help, repair or heal your hair? Are you gracing your own hair lovingly and with care or are you grabbing at it with frustration and annoyance? Checking out the origin of why the hands are in your hair in the first place will help you understand if the interaction is going to be a beneficial or harmful in the long run. When the health and state of your hair is the focus, your hair will have better results. In addition to being mindful of over manipulation, styling damage, tension, pulling and breaking, ALSO be aware of the energy transferred and the subtle changes in the way your hair is handled that are not nurturing to your hair in the long term.

How does the person touching your hair feel about you and your hair? It is a good rule of thumb to not have a person that does not respect or care for YOU handle your hair. They will not provide the level of nurture and good vibes that are often necessary to create and sustain great hair long term.  They don’t have to be your best friend or in love with you, but they must have a basic level of respect for you.
Avoid hands that are negative, unhappy, and conniving. Also, do not allow a person to randomly touch your hair without your permission and stand your ground. If you are the one that handles your hair, how do YOU feel about it? Do you love it? Hate it? Get to a good place with yourself and your hair for best results.

Loving Hands=Loving Hair. Hair is a super conductor and receiver of energy and intentions. It needs to be nourished by hands that care for the hair, and the person to whom the hair is attached. Out of this will come actions that are made to help the hair via the use of non-damaging products and techniques, a concern for the individual‘s health and wellness, and good ole TLC!

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