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Black Tea For Hair Shedding

There are many natural means to stop hair shedding when dealing with natural hair.

Apparently black tea is one of them.

It’s believed that the caffeine in black tea helps to strengthen the hair, preventing and reducing shedding.

Now, understand the difference between shedding and breakage. Your hair will always shed; normally, hair sheds over 100 strands daily.

However, with breakage, your ends are split and how matter how gentle you are, you keep seeing longer strands of hair in your hands.

So, this tea works for shedding but not so much with breakage.

You can use this effectively in two ways:

  • As a hair mist
  • As a hair rinse

As a mist, the black tea should be mixed in with water at a 1:1 ratio. You can also add other beneficial liquids like aloe vera juice to your mist.

You’d simply follow these few steps:

  • Brew the tea in hot water for 10 minutes
  • Allow it to cool and pour in a spray bottle with water

As a rinse, you would do the way thing except you would spray while in the shower then rinse.

I did this a number of times and noticed my hair really did stopped shedding so much. I was pretty amazed and made it part of my regimen.


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