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Using Mud As Natural Hair Shampoo

It’s not mud in the conventional sense! Don’t go outside and slap wet dirt on your hair!

Organic mud has been know to clean hair and scalp very well.

Mud and clay washed collect dirt and grime from the scalp, making it a very ideal cleanser for hair.

You may have seen a ton of YouTube videos of clay and mud washes. One of the most popular clay washes for hair involve mixing Indian Healing Clay with water and applying it to skin and hair. The reviews are stellar.

I believe mud and clay washed would be beneficial for the wallet too. You don’t use as much clay or mud has you would shampoo and you can usually purchase a pretty large container of the product for long term use.

Bentonite clay and rhassoul clay are two of the most popular mud washes in natural hair. In fact, rhassoul clay has been used in beauty cleansing for thousands of years. It hasn’t stayed around for nothing!

Another great concept about mud and clay washes is that, when made at home, they contain no chemicals like some of it’s commercial counterpart shampoos.

If you are interested in mud and clay washes consider using the following:

  • Bentonite
  • Rhassoul
  • Dead Sea mineral mud (also called “Black mud”)

Check out these videos by natural hair guru, Naptural85 on how she makes her clay washes and her products review of a USDA organic mud shampoo wash.

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