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Why You Need A Hot Head Cap To Deep Condition


Deep conditioning is a must for all natural hair girls. It is the staple way to get beneficial ingredients to penetrate the hair roots.

But many times, we watch YouTube videos of other naturals deep conditioning their hair through the convenience of a hair dryer that one can sit under in their homes.

Yeah, I don’t have one either! That’s wear a Hot Head cap comes it!

The Hot Head cap is a microwaveable cap that can be used for deep conditioning. It is infused with renewable flaxseed oil for extra benefits.

It’s quite a popular (and very inexpensive) item and a very inexpensive, reusable way to get your hair healthy.

Another great benefit to a Hot Head is that you can walk around the house getting a deep conditioning without being contained, like a traditional hair dryer. The heat is design to stay warm for past 30 minutes, more than enough time for your get a real good deep condition.

Watch one natural rave about it in this video!

Convinced? You can purchase the Hot Head cap for $29.95 here.

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