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What Is Tsubaki Oil?

I was scrolling through Twitter today and noticed that Shea Moisture will soon be releasing a professional hair care line. Up until recently, they only sold products to consumers, but now their professional line with Tsubaki Oil will be coming to the beauty scene.

It seems like every week a new oil is coming out that is intended to do all these wonderful things for your skin and hair. It’s sometimes impossible to keep up with the benefits of all of them!

Tsubaki oil is no different but it may still be quite helpful for natural.

Tsubaki is Japanese for the Camellia flower that grows in many regions across east Asia. It has been used for centuries amongst the Japanese in making their hair look shiny and smooth. It was exceptionally popular amongst sumo wrestlers, geishas and actors.

As far as why Shea Moisture uses it, it may be because of its many properties. Tsubaki oil is known for doing the following:

  • Fast absorption
  • Nourishment
  • Protection for damaged and processed hair

The most obvious attraction of Tsubaki oil is the protection it offers to color-treated hair. It helps the shine and brilliant color last longer and it is an attractive feature for many naturals who enjoy a little hue in their tresses.


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