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Is Hair Grease Still Useful?

Believe it or not, there are naturals who still utilize Blue Magic, Queen Helene and other popular name brand hair greases.

In case you have been living under rocks, hair grease is typically a no-no in the natural hair community. Grease is almost always loaded to chemicals found in gas, plastic and other synthetic material.

Some of the most common ingredients in hair grease include:

  • Petrolatum (what?!)
  • Mineral Oil (oh, hecccckkkk naw!)
  • Parabens (*faints*)

But in defense of non-natural hair products, it is HIGHLY unlikely that these products will cause you health problems. People should understand that it requires very high quantities to make products like these harmful to your health. I completely understand you not wanting to take your chances but its true.


Now, it may not help your hair grow much (then again, everyone is different) but it wont make you grow a third leg either.

Grease could actually make a great sealant. You would only have to use a small amount to get the necessary effect of any other butter sealant.

Grease could also make a good leave-in conditioner. Remember when your mom slapped a glob of it on your hair before she used the hot comb? It was the first heat protectant in the natural hair community! It also helped keep natural hair soft for several days at a time.

Again, there are some naturals who still swear by grease. And in all fairness, unless a company holds the USDA logo on its products, no hair product, especially in the natural hair community, is completely organic.

It does not change the fact that traditional hair grease is loaded with crap that is known to be counterproductive with growing natural hair. Mineral oil blocks hair follicles and parabens are known cancer-causing agents.

So, I can understand why most steer away from hair grease. I personally do not use hair grease but I will not knock another natural for using what works for her.

Different strokes for different folks!

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