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Why is My Hair Dry?

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My oh my oh my…Naturalistas tend have quite a time with moisture. The numerous people asking the same question that flood my inbox and new clients when they come in for consultation. “Why is my hair so dry?” I laugh because so many do-it-yourselfers ask this question then try to debate a professionally licensed stylist. My thought is always well if you “know it all” then why are you asking me? So ladies. let me help you out. Please don’t take what I said to heart. Just take heed and understand that I am simply trying to help my beautiful queens with managing their crowns with less stress and frustration.

Keeping your hair moisturized will consist of a few things that you probably won’t see the correlation. Trust, as a professional these things all hinder your moisture levels.


they are vital to keeping your hair soft, pliable, and more manageable. Split ends are the bane of existence to natural hair. They soak up moisture like a dog that’s been out on a cross county walk without any water breaks. (Heavy panting then lap lap lap lap lap lap lap more heavy panting lap lap lap lap lap) Please Please PLEASE get trims to remove the split ends that are causing you so much frustration and you don’t even know it.

Product Build Up

When you are using too many products all at once you will begin to pile on product in which becomes built up on the shaft of your hair. This build up will deprive your strands from receiving moisture. Think of it like petroleum on the skin or wax on a car, water beads up and is not soaked in. Build up forms a barrier preventing moisture from penetrating the shaft.

Cotton Pillowcases / Scarves

yes, these will drain all moisture out of the hair. Just like when you wear cotton t-shirts and you begin to sweat, that the cotton shirt soaks up sweat. Or think about if you use a cotton towel to dry off when you get out of the shower or tub. If you used silk or satin fabric it would take you much longer to dry off. *Hmmm there’s an idea Satin Towels for added moisture to your skin* (Wonders how long before there is a YouTube video for using a King Size Satin Pillow case to dry hair…Wait for it, LOL) Cotton is made to pull moisture out of and away from what ever it comes in contact with. So switch out your pillowcases and head scarves with a satin or silk one.


Now you should know what this does. Think about astringents that are used for cleansing the face. How it removes oils deeply imbedded in the skin. Well the same applies for products you use that contain any form of alcohol it will remove oil from your hair causing your hair to dry out. Look at the ingredients list and if alcohol is listed within the top 5-7 components, that means the product has a higher percentage within its recipe. Items listed first are the bulk of what the formula consists of.


this one is pretty easy. Color strips hair of natural oils especially when going more than 2 shades lighter. For those of you who like to bleach your hair well you are most prone to dry brittle tresses. Bleach & high lift/high volume colors removes the melanin that gives your crown its natural color. Melanin also provides hair with a very subtle amount of moisture. When you remove the melanin you are removing any and all traces of natural oil to your hair, which cause hair to become extremely porous with a very weak elasticity (in other words dry and brittle, easy to break, think pine straw/hay like)


too much protein will also cause your lovely tresses to become weak and dry. Hair is made up of a hard protein called keratin. Usually if you press your hair a lot and your curl pattern will change a professional will recommend a protein treatment to restore curl pattern and elasticity. Some of you do it yourself ladies have used natural products such as: eggs, mayonnaise, and yogurt. Applying too many treatments of this or leaving it on too long will cause hair to harden and dry out.

Now that I have answered the age-old question about dry hair, consider yourself well informed and equipped to prevent dry tresses. It’s best to seek a professional once in a while for recommendations of products that will work best for your hair type and preferred styling. Remember it is easy to Simply Keep Your Hair healthy when you apply professional advice & tips to your hair care regimen.

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  • keyna Delphonse

    Ok this was food needed for my dry hair. Its too short to cut ends i think, but everthing else i do. I wanted to know if i should always wash with a no sulfate shampoo or with? My hair is very dry and i use my satin wraps n pillow case i only use coconut, caster n pepermint oils. No colors. And i drink lots of water eat healthy. My shampoo is as creamy as my condtioner. I have type 4c hair. What am i foing wrong?? Really want to stay nautral.

    • Angie

      If you are doing all the things mentioned in the article, at this point I would suggest seeking professional help to help manage the dryness of your hair.

    • Drea

      Hi Kenya! I’ve been natural for 3 years, and I’ve learned that technique is also important when trying to keep your hair moisturized. This is what has worked for me (I wish I could show you before vs. after…) 1-I wash my hair weekly, using a (sulfate free) moisturizing shampoo- I wash only ONCE (but I wash it really good). 2-I don’t rinse it right away, I use a cheapy conditioner that I coat my strands with before rinsing the shampoo out (I use VO5). 3-I follow that up with a weekly (it used to be bi-weekly) deep conditioner. 4-Once the conditioner is rinsed out, I take my favorite oil (this month it’s castor) and run about a full cup (8 oz.) through it, and dip my head under the water once more. I take a towel (w/a lot of the oil in my hair) and let it sit for about 30 minutes. 5-Then style. (My go to styles are either a twist out or wash-n-go.) Throughout all of these steps, I use either Shea Moisture or Design Essential Natural products. Hope this helps!

  • Jacqueline Thomas

    How can I put a picture of my hair on web site website so I can see it on facebook

  • Jacqueline Thomas

    How can I put a picture of my hair on web site website so I can see it on facebook I love looking at the Great photos u all have I share them everyday on facebook.

    • admin

      Please send photos and brief bio to for review and possible posting.

      • please am now startn with my natural hair and i need some guidlines as to how to keep it nd make it grow well and nice

  • neketta dean

    Our natural hair won’t grow…any suggestions?

  • Kim

    I have found that a “smoothie” of honey, coconut oil and 1 banana whipped up in a blender to make about 1 cup; makes a moisturizing pre wash hair masque. apply to hair, wrap with saran wrap, plastic wrap or shower cap; leave in for 2 hours then wash as normal/condition as normal.

    • Angie

      That is a great recipe, but usually products and mask stop working after about 30-45mins. So save yourself an extra 1 hour and 15 mins rinse sooner than 2 hours you originally stated.