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What’s The Cold Oil Treatment?

I’ve never heard of this until recently. And unsurprisingly, it is something you’re probably already doing.

Italian_olive_oil_2007A cold oil treatment is simply an oil treatment without the heat. With a usually hot oil treatment, the oil is warmed for better scalp penetration.

But a cool/cold oil treatment is simply massage room temperature oil on your scalp. I actually did this last night. I mixed some of my favorite oils into my conditioner and massaged that onto my scalp.

I usually rinse my co-wash after 20 minutes or so, but this time I decided to keep it over night and rinse in the morning.

My hair feels OK. It certainly is not dry but I feel I could have achieved a better oil treatment with warmed oil.

I think a basic cool oil treatment may give natural hair moisture and nourishment for a short time period. If you are the type to like to put your fingers in your hair a lot, a cool oil treatment would be ideal for you. There is no warming of the oil, no sitting under the dryer or anything like that.

Additionally, the thicker your hair is less effective a cool oil treatment will be. Heat is needed to penetrate the entire hair shaft but if there is no heat applied, then it’s just oil sitting on your hair and scalp. And what the oil is eventually rinsed out, the cool oil treatment is even more useless. If you have 4A or maybe 4B hair, you may find a cool oil treatment more useful.

If you are like me, you probably spend a good penny on hair oils and you wouldn’t want them to go to waste for an ineffective oil treatment.

If you are a 4C natural, still with hot oil treatments. Your hair and wallet will thank you!

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