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imakehairgrow is a product-line filled with a blend of vitamins and minerals designed to restore hair and growth.

Mignon, who currently runs learned her family’s recipe from her mother. In fact, her hair growth formula has been in her family for over 6 generations originating in the 1800’s. Only a select few people have the recipe for this growth serum.

The website states:

“Our Old Fashioned Hair Growth Formulas give us strong, healthy, manageable and growing hair just like our ancestors.  Our Formulas can be used on all hair types, men, women and children.”

In fact, Mignon said that initially her family never thought of making a business out of the products. She said that whenever someone in their community was having problems with baldness or thinning edges, they would go to her family and they would “pool together money and buy ingredients” to make the products. Their formula was so successful that people kept associating their family with hair growth.

For Mignon, branching out into business with these natural products helps in “repeating the history” of hair care. In fact, on her website, the motto is “each one teach one”, conjuring up the important idea that passing along health information should be a tradition. She says, “There are a lot of new products out there now. I keep my ingredients genuine.” She uses natural ingredients that work considering women for six generations have been growing their hair with these products.

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Her products are designed to help with natural hair. So, if you have locs, you can use the liquid version of the hair growth product and even do a hot oil treatment. Additionally, Mignon is committed to restoring health throughout the whole body. On her website, she has a section called, “Hair Tips” where she discusses the different foods you should eat for optimal hair growth. She tells customers that they should “Put down that soda and pour yourself a tall glass of water!”  Mignon states, “The standard American diet is killing us and affects our hair.” Therefore, it’s important that in addition to getting the most healthy products, we should eat the most healthy foods as well.

All throughout her life, her family instilled a natural ethic of health for her body. She says, “When I would get the flu, my parents made different stews and concoctions…even hot toddy, and orange peel.”

She wanted to continue this tradition for other people seeking optimal health, even with their hair. She says that her “Ultimate goal is to bring out inner beauty through healthy hair.” In regards to her passion for creating hair products, Mignon says, “No matter what career path I’ve been on, I’ve always been doing it. It allows me to help more people.”

A new addition to line of products is HAIRGASM Hair Growth Vitamins. These vitamins use a well balanced blend of essential nutrients and herbs designed to promote hair growth. This advanced formula delivers a gradual release of Vitamins C and B complex over a prolonged period of time with the powerful benefits of Vitamin E, Biotin, MSM, Zinc, L-Cystine and Pygeum Africanum, just to name a few.

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