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Questions to Ask Yourself If Your Hair Is Not Growing

This is all too common for naturals with the curliest hair texture. Your hair will attain some level of length and then here comes the breakage! Your hair simply refuses to grow!

Natural hair textures are curly for  a reason: it is difficult to retain moisture in what is genetically dry to begin with, which leads to breakage, which leads to hair not growing.

I know this drives many women up a wall but there are ways to combat whatever it is that is keeping your hair from growing. But you will have to ask yourself some basic questions:


  • Are you conditioning as often as necessary? Dry hair needs more moisture than usual. For example, if I am not wearing a protective style, I am deep conditioning my hair at least once a keep.
  • Are you wrapping your hair in silk wraps or sleeping on silk pillow covers? If not, the material you are sleeping on could be sucking the moisture right out of your hair.
  • Are you doing hot oil treatments? How often? You many have to increase the amount of times you do hot oil treatments if you are noticing your hair is not growing well.
  • Be honest: are your protective styles TOO tight? Believe it or not, just because you can handle to the strain of gorgeous braids or twists does not mean you need them in your head. It could lead to irritation of the scalp and breaking hair.
  • Are you using sealant on the ends as well as the scalp? A simple way to seal in moisture is to simply spray your hair with water and then cover with a sealant. A great go-to sealant is shea butter or coconut oil.
  • Are you leaving in twists or braids in too long on your natural hair? The ends on your twists are often neglected and are most prone to breakage if they are left untouched for too long. Twists also get tangled up and start looking frizzy and dry so consider re-twisting every couple of days.
  • Are you incorporating the right foods in your diet? It’s no secret that healthy hair starts from the inside out.
  • Are you following YouTubers and bloggers that DO NOT have your hair type? This is something I’ve never quite understood. The fastest way to disappointment is to work with what is not there. Be realistic in your natural hair journey and follow those with similar hair texture for better results.
  • Are you basing your routine off of others? Understand your hair journey is YOURS. How you hair will react to one routine may not be the case for another. For example, I can get away without shampooing for several weeks, but other naturals cannot. I absolutely HAVE to condition and hot oil treat me hair often but other naturals may not. My hair takes very well to a once-a month protein treatment but others may not.

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