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How You Know A Natural Hair Product Is No Good

I know many naturals are product junkies. Every natural wants to be on top of the next big fad.

First it was products with coconut oil…then it was Shea butter…then it was Argan oil products….then it was Moroccan oil products….next it will be AIR!

Bottom line, as beneficial as these ingredients may be (alone or in a product) it does not mean that it will work for your hair.

For example, I simply cannot use shea butter or any butter product too much because even a small amount weight my hair down.IMG_0769

That’s why you should be attentive when it comes to using new natural products. I recently tried a natural product from a very popular natural hair line. It was a leave-in conditioner product. I did not think the product wouldn’t work because I’ve loved this entire product line for long because it did wonders for my hair.

However, when it was time to use the Jamaican Castor Oil Leave-in Conditioner by Shea Moisture, I could not help but to notice how hard my hair left. This surprised me because it was a leave-in conditioner, which are made mostly of water.

It prompted me to think about other products that have left me hair in shambles in the past. Here are some clear signs to look out for when you know that a product simply ain’t cutting it:

  • Your hair feels weighed down even after using a small amount
  • Your hair feels hard, like you used gel, not leave-in conditioner
  • Your hair starts falling out, especially if you notice you lose more hair during combing or brushing
  • Your hair is limp
  • Your hair is brittle

Basically anything product that makes your hair feel like any of the above-mentioned or simply changed (in a bad way), it may be time to shelve that product of give it to a friend with hopes it will work better for them.

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