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Jennifer’s Journey

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My name is Jennifer and I was always taught as a child that my hair is my glory. I was born in New Jersey, but raised in the Dominican Republic. I had my hair natural until I moved to the United States at the age of 9, that’s when I had my first relaxer, and there began the journey loving a hair texture that was not my own. Junior year of college I began to wonder what my natural texture would be like and I went 6 months without a relaxer. My family was not as supportive in my choice to want to be natural because my hair wouldn’t look ‘tamed’. When I returned home for winter break my mom continuously spoke her mind about how my natural hair texture wasn’t going to look beautiful. I wrestled with it all and gave into getting a relaxer. Out has been three years now and I decided I wanted to embrace the hair the Lord blessed me with. I always told myself I would never BC unless I was in a remote place but 2 months into trying to transition I’d decided to BC because I wanted to see all of my natural texture and embrace it at once. On April 11, 2014 I decided to BC and fell absolutely in love with my texture. I felt this sense of freedom that was new to me. And the process was a spiritual one where Christ is showing me my identity and within Him.

Hair care routine:

I wash my hair once a week with Jane Carter nourishing shampoo and condition with Shea Moisture curl and shine conditioner. I use it to finger detangle in the shower. Then I put on a hair mask Mezcla Enegizante (Dominican Conditioner) and let it sit for 30 minutes. I then apply Shea Moisture curl enhancing smoothie and finger coil my hair in its natural direction and follow it with macadamia oil. I let my hair air dry and always put a satin cap on for sleep. Going natural is one if the best decisions I have made and this is only the beginning of my journey. Blessings!



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