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Losing Confidence With Your Natural Hair?

Many naturals love embracing their true textures. Going back to relaxers is almost immediately out of the question for many naturals.

But some have yet to find the “embracing” part of loving their natural textures.

Personally, I get wary real quick trying to comb and straighten my natural hair. I was blessed/cursed with VERY thick tresses so combing and straightening one section of my hair can be a chore.

I certainly can feel the pain these on-the-fence naturals have to contend with. Not every curly and kinky headed woman even wants to be natural. Some of them have no problem with routine perms and have actually reported a great deal of growth with perms.

But as well all know, perms come with very harsh and potentially risky ingredients that could do far more harm than good.

But there are ways to avoid getting bored and irritated with your natural hair journey, ways that can help you love your hair again.

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1. Take responsibility. The fact of the matter is you may be causing your hair from growing. Are you eating right? Do you exercise, even if it means taking a short walk outside? Are you pulling your hair in tight ponytails and destructive styles too often? Have a very honest conversation with yourself about what you may be doing wrong that you know FOR A FACT is wrong and correct it.

2. Take photos of your growth. Take a picture of your hair at month one and then again at month three. Don’t complain if you have not achieved the growth you wanted. Embrace what you have achieved, celebrate it with friends and keep the momentum going!

3. Join a group. Befriending other naturals struggling is a way to promote positivity about curly and kinky hair.  And trust me: a change in attitude will make the world of difference. It’s something about people running in packs that gives us more confidence to tackle any challenge. Follow a natural hair group on Twitter, Facebook or join a natural hair forum. Consider starting a Pinterest page for all the haircare inspiration you could image!

4. Learn how to do your own hair. Watch YouTube videos of naturals with the same texture as you do their hair. It’s much easier than many women make it seem to corn roll or twist your own hair! Watch them as many times as you need to get the hang of it and do not be afraid to try it on yourself. And make sure you are using the right tools to do your hair. Wide tooth combs, low heat and conditioning are all necessary when dealing with curly and kinky hair.

5. Don’t get product happy! Stick to one brand. This is because you will certainly drive yourself broke trying out various products! And being broke is enough inspiration to not do anything with your hair! Secondly, not all products work the same. Most “natural” products have a few chemicals in them, mainly for preservation purposes and some are loaded with chemicals. Read the labels!

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6. Have fun making your own hair products. Some of the biggest names in natural hair started from a dream in a kitchen. And frankly less chemical means healthier hair for your. Many DIY hair products involve only a few ingredients so take try blending your favorite oils and butters together for your own special hair product!

7. Lastly, remember why you started. Why did you go natural in the first place? Many naturals take this journey because they were tried of losing their hair to chemicals. They were tired of embracing a means to straighten their hair that was simply no good to them at the end of the day. Additionally, most naturals get far more compliments as a natural than they ever did with a relaxer.

So, if you are debating relaxer relapse, consider these steps first before making that plunge into the creamy crack! Good luck!

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