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Quick Protective Styles Using Marley Hair

Marley braiding hair is a synthetic type of braiding hair almost any protective style.

You can use marley hair for Senegalese Twists, Kinky Twists, goddess braids, box braids, corn rolls and other protective styles. With basic braids, you can wrap your marley braids into a bun a ponytail or other styles without having to worry about your hair for several weeks.

You can also twist the marley hair up and use it as a beautiful bun or ponytail.

Marley hair is very popular for naturals trying to achieve a curly look through crochet braids too. This does require a little more manipulation to the hair but with a little skill, you can create beautiful crochet braids.

Marley hair is called “marley” because of its thick and kinky texture, resembling that of dreadlocked hair.

Watch the videos below of fellow naturals using Marley hair to create some very quick and easy styles for natural hair!

Use these videos as inspiration for the many things you can do with your natural hair on the go!


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