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How To Interview Your Future Hair Stylist

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Women are becoming natural at high rates. We hear about new products, view new natural hair styles, and videos of natural hair gurus/bloggers. Natural hair is the topic of conversation. The business of natural hair is not…. Why do we rarely discuss the business of natural hair? I love natural hair care. My passion is the business of hair. I have noticed that business and natural hair are not simultaneous. Clients often discuss the lack of professionalism, poor attitudes, tardiness, and lack of knowledge of natural hair stylists. Natural hair is an art and craft that can be performed with professionalism, knowledge, and care.


Would you visit a doctor without knowing his/her credentials? Please treat your natural hair salon experience with the same care. Your hair is important, gentle, and needs to be handled with care. I want clients to become even more informed consumers. As a convert to natural hair styles; it is a journey. You need a professional to guide you through the process. Some people find stylists through word of mouth, social media, Google, and much more.


However, when you make the first call or send an email to a Natural Hair Professional; please ask the proper questions. The first question should not be about the price. The first question should be about expertise and knowledge. Pricing will be based on the expertise and quality of service. Please remember when you are looking for a natural hair stylist to ask pertinent questions. These are questions recommended to ask a professional natural hair stylist.


How long have you been a natural hair stylist?


What is your specialty?


What natural hair care services do you offer?


How do you feel about natural hair?


What products do you use or recommend? Do you schedule appointments?


How often should I come into the salon for regular maintenance?


What are the recommendations for home maintenance?


Do you color or trim? If not, can you recommend to me a professional?


What are your salon service payment options?


As a client, you want to be an active participant in your natural hair care experience. Please remember to inquire about things that deem important to you. Explain to the stylists your natural hair goals. What do you expect from this journey? This is my recommendation to all natural women. Please be an informed consumer. Please read articles and books about natural hair, our history, and the importance of natural hair care. Videos and advice from family and friends is very significant. However, it is important to gain knowledge through resources such as writers, speakers, and natural hair stylists with expertise. Enjoy your natural hair journey!


If you are interested in becoming a Natural Hair Stylist or are currently a Natural Hair Stylist; attend this upcoming event.

DMV Natural Hair Stylist Call

Sunday, June 29, 2014 from 4:00 PM to 7:00 PM EST

Carolina Kitchen

2350 Washington Pl NE

Washington, DC 20018

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  • Shelz

    I had locks for 10 years b4 I cut them 2 years ago and during my locking years, I also was a color junkie and colored my hair often. After cutting, continued my coloring practices. It had changed my texture dramatically! Im still natural but my is thin and stringy. I now wear two strand twist and can only twist out after three or more weeks for volume. What do you recommend to strengthen and possibly restore healthier hair. I now use Naturetint color, a non amonia coloring product, Nature’s Gate Aloe Vera Shampoo & conditioner, shea butter to twist and pantene Moroccan hail oil. My trist are limp and holds no volume. Any suggestions?

    • NHM Moderator

      Hi Shelz,

      Thank you for your comments. You can reach out to our writer, Natasha Jackson at