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Tips For Growing Out Your Child’s Natural Hair

I know most of us black and brown mothers have been there a time or two before: when your daughter’s natural hair refuses to grow for anything!

You try product after product, oil after and oil and you feel like you are coming up with the same results: Dry scalp and breaking hair.

I have a few friends with natural haired daughters who have rocked the same mini fro for a couple of years. And let’s not even talk about what type of self esteem issues that child could be dealing with.


Aloe vera and constant moisture for your daughter’s healthy natural hair!

It’s heartbreaking knowing that your child’s hair refuses to grow but they’re means to getting it to grow again.

Review this checklist of things to help your child’s hair grow again:

  • Is your child healthy? Do they have untreated health ailments that could be compromising their overall health? I know of many parents that feel a certain way about their child being drugged up. While I do feel many childhood vaccinations and medications are unnecessary, it may be the right care for a child for the time being.
  • Is your child growing at the right pace? Meaning, is she at the normal height and weight for her age group? A stun or hyper jump in growth could mean she has hormonal imbalance which is a staple for hair loss. If you suspect this, see a doctor immediately.
  • Get some Aloe Vera Juice in your life. Seriously. Aloe vera has been attached to every home remedy including hair conditioning. It could help provide lasting moisture on your daughters scalp. Pour some aloe vera juice or gel into a spray bottle of water and make sure to use it AT MINIMUM once a day. You may have to use it more depending on how dry her hair is.
  • Is she eating enough protein? Eggs, meat and fish are some of the quickest sources of protein in the kitchen and she needs to incorporate them often in her diet.
  • How often are you conditioning her hair? It may not be enough. Consider conditioning a couple of times a week. Deep condition at least once a week.
  • Are you carrying a spray bottle with you at all times for her hair? Of course, you wont be able to moisturize her hair while she’s in school, but if you’re out and about, have a small spray bottle to maintain moisture even when you’re not at home.

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