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Obtaining A Great Braid Out

Braid outs are one of the most simple ways to not only maintain healthy natural hair but to keep it looking lovely!

There is minimum manipulation with a braid out and minimum product use. The most you would have to do with a good braid out is washing your hair, sealing in the water moisture with a shea butter or other leave-in conditioner and then braiding it in sections.

The more volume you want from your braid out, the smaller the braids should be.

Additionally, this can be done on dry hair but the curls may not stay as long.

Some naturals do not like the idea of braid outs because they get single strand knots and other kinks too much. However, this is a quick fix.

  • Finger comb your hair while it is damp (not sopping wet!)
  • If you choose to, use a wide tooth comb to detangle after applying your leave-in conditioner.

Take care to moisturize and seal in your ends, especially if they are prone to tangling.

After your hair is braided and dry, you carefully undo the braids, one by one, and style the curls as you’d like. If you want to keep the curls, refrain from picking them out too much.

As an optional tip, you can apply a small amount of gel to each braid while your hair is still wet. This will allow the curls to hold longer.

One natural has a great regimen for getting a nice braid out on her 4C hair. Check out how she does a braid out below.

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