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How One Natural Repaired Her Edges

Hair loss is something many women deal with, especially naturals who have delicate curly hair.

Curly and kinky hair is the most delicate texture of hair and is; therefore, the one that breaks easiest.

Yes, we have heard of a slew of products that work against hair loss. Anywhere from straight water to jojoba oil to massages to just wearing wigs and allowing the hair to grow back with you manipulating it.

Some of these methods are met with success; others…not so much.

However, one natural with 4C discusses in a short YouTube video how she repaired her edges with two products. And you can see from the video that she was quite bald in her edges.

If you are interested in these products here’s where you can purchase them:



Hi. I’m Pamela Samuels Young, AKA Kinky Coily Pamela. I wanted to do this quick tutorial on how I repaired my thinning edges. I’m asked about that all the time because people will see on my YouTube channel and on my website, how bad, bad, bad my edges were. They were just bald. They were bad through most of my life. There are two products that helped me tremendously. One was Organic Root Stimulator Fertilizing Temple Balm and the other one was rosemary oil. The temple balm is really kind of like a grease. I just put it on my temples, message it. Then I would put a few drops of rosemary oil on my fingertips and message it in. I did that morning and night.

The other key was making sure there was no friction on my hair what so ever. Slept in a satin scarf or on a satin pillowcase. If I wore a baseball cap, I sewed some silk around the edge of it. If I wore a wig, I did not wear a wig cap. I sewed some satin around the edge of the wig cap because I did not want friction on my hair.

In about six weeks, where there was only peach fuzz, the hair began to grow in. Look at my before pictures and then look at where I am now. I mean this is not make believe. This came as a result of again, the Organic Root Stimulator Fertilizing Temple Balm and rosemary oil. Caution, do not put rosemary oil on your hair by itself. It needs a carrier, a carrier oil or something. Put this on first. Only put a few drops on your fingers, message it in. I did it morning and night. Don’t put rosemary oil on directly. It’s much too strong.

That’s my secret. I hope you adopt it. I hope it works for you. Thanks.

Rosemary Essential Oil (frankly, this can be purchased at any hair or natural foods store)

Give these products a try if you are at your wits end with your thinning hair!

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