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Essential Oils For Hair Growth

Written By Venus L

Some of the most often underutilized products amongst Naturalistas, many women grossly underestimate the positive effects certain essential oils can have on the health and overall growth of your natural hair. Although they are simple products with some basic, and mostly natural ingredients, many discount the level of growth that can be achieved simply by using a number of essential oils on the regular basis. That said, the following is an overview of some of the best essential oils that promote hair growth as well as how to best use them in order to maximize their effectiveness.


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Castor Oil

An oil that can be used for everything from pain relief, to promoting healthy skin, castor oil has remained a go-to remedy of sorts within the black community for quite some time now. In terms of promoting growth in your natural hair, this oil is a great option because it promotes thickness, has antibacterial properties, and is known to promote substantial growth. In order to utilize this oil, you can simply apply it as is, 3-5 times per week. There is also the option for mixing this oil with other ingredients and applying your own oil treatment. For a more in-depth tutorial about this process, click here!

Tsubaki Oil

Another oil that is capable of working wonders on your natural hair, Tsubaki oil, which is Japanese for Camelia flower oil, is another great option. Known for its ability to offer superior protection, nourishment, and absorption, this oil keeps the hair superbly moisturized while allowing it to grow at an increased rate. What’s more, it is said to work especially well on color-treated tresses. By simply applying the oil regularly, many users report an almost instantaneous difference in terms of the sheen and strength of hair strands. For more information about this oil, click here!

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Jojoba Oil

An oil that is derived from the seeds of the Evergreen jojoba shrub, jojoba oil is considered a miracle worker by many women within the natural hair community. This is not only due to the fact that it is known to add volume to thinning hair, as well as shine, elasticity, and softness, but it is even said to promote a high level of growth amongst those who have had issues with achieving their desired level of growth (i.e. those with brittle, damaged, 4c hair). Best utilized by applying it directly to the hair and scalp 3-5 times per week, jojoba oil for hair growth definitely provides a host of benefits to those who use it regularly.

Lavender Oil

An excellent option for any Naturalista, lavender oil for hair growth is a great addition to your natural hair care regimen. A great oil to utilize in order to relieve stress or even to help remove scars, lavender oil is great for natural hair because it is a natural anti-inflammatory that helps to promote a healthy scalp. Applying this oil to your scalp a few times a week can help to promote increased blood circulation, which can ultimately have a positive impact on the growth of your hair.


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Coconut Oil

An all but cure-all substance of sorts, coconut oil can be used for everything from an ingredient for natural toothpaste, to a skin conditioner, to even a healthy alternative to vegetable oil, to name a few. In terms of hair growth, this oil is an excellent option due to the fact that it moisturizes hair, prevents breakage, is antibacterial, boosts circulation, and, of course, moisturizes the hair. A great oil to use a few times of week to condition the hair and scalp, or as an ingredient to a homemade oil treatment, use this oil often to promote healthy, strong natural hair with lots of sheen.

Peppermint Oil

An essential oil that has been utilized for everything from aromatherapy to aid in the relief of sore muscles. A great option for those who are looking to increase their rate of hair growth, one method of utilizing this highly potent oil is to dilute it by mixing a few drops (up to 8) in a cup of water. Another option is to mix it with other essential oils and use it as an oil treatment or leave-in. A great way to normalize oil production of the scalp, moisturize the hair follicles, combat dandruff, and dry scalp, stop hair loss, and most importantly, promote hair growth, peppermint oil is effective in that is stimulates the hair follicle and increases the blood and oxygen supply which thusly, makes it possible for hair follicles to grow to their full potential, using peppermint oil as a part of your natural hair care regimen is an awesome way to boost hair growth.


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Carrot Oil

A great oil that helps with issues such as aiding with healing of damaged skin, rashes, eczema, dermatitis, rashes, as well as many other ailments, carrot oil is great for natural hair due to the fact that it has properties that strengthen hair, prevent breakage, and improves blood circulation which thusly, stimulates hair growth. Available in a variety of products or in a bottle all its own, try this oil to see if it works well with your hair type to promote growth.

Sunflower Oil

An oil known for its ability to lower cholesterol, help prevent certain cancers, and promote a healthy nervous system among other things, sunflower oil comes with a host of benefits. However, unlike many of the other oils mentioned, this one is better of ingested in the form of a supplement as using it topically has been proven to be far less effective than oils such as jojoba oil and/or coconut oil.


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Cactus Oil

One of the lesser known oils available to be utilized by Naturalistas, cactus seed oil is rich is omega 3 fatty acids that promote moisture and deter breakage. Available in a number of products, utilizing this oil several times a week can promote optimal growth of your natural hair. One of the best moisturizing agents available, cactus oil promotes long, healthy hair with lots of body and sheen.

Clove Oil

An essential oil known for both its antiseptic and antioxidant properties, clove oil is an excellent addition to every natural hair care regimen. However, it is better to use this oil in small doses -preferably mixed in with other less harsh essential oils. This is due to the fact that the level of potency can cause damage to sensitive scalps and thusly, this oil often requires a level of dilution in order to be most effective.

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Tea Tree Oil

An oil that is derived only from certain trees in Australia, tea tree oil is naturally antibacterial, antifungal, antiviral, and anti-infection. Great on the skin, with the ability to heal a host of ailments such as bronchitis, tuberculosis, and other viral or bacterial infections, this oil also provides some awesome benefits to natural hair. Able to relieve dandruff, unblock hair follicles, treat lice, prevent hair loss, and promote hair growth, this essential oil is a must-have for more Naturalistas. Available in a bottle of its own or mixed with a number of other essential oils, use this oil several times a week to promote strong, long, healthy hair.

Basil Oil

Most commonly used to help relieve symptoms associated with colds and the flu, coughs, as well as digestive issues, basil oil also provides a host of benefits for the hair. Yet another essential oil that aids in the promotion of blood circulation and thusly, hair growth, mixing this essential oil with other oils such as lavender and rosemary oil can help promote substantial growth.

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Juniper Oil

Often used as an antiseptic, diuretic, and tonic substance among other things, juniper oil can work wonders in terms of hair growth. Extracted from juniper berries, this beautifully scented oil promotes a healthy hair and scalp which are two elements essential for hair growth. To promote hair growth, add 3-5 drops to your regular conditioner and use as necessary.

Chamomile Oil

Most often utilized for its ability to promote healthy skin, as a natural antidepressant, or to help soothe colicky infants, chamomile oil is a great addition to your natural hair care regimen. Said to be the most soothing essential oil for the head and scalp, chamomile oil helps to retract skin cells that have become inflamed due to things such as chemicals and extreme weather as also soothes an itchy scalp. Also available in a number of products, regular use of this oil will help you achieve a healthy scalp as well as the optimal health of your hair follicles.

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Overall, there is an array of essential oils on the market that can help promote growth within your natural hair. In order to find the ones that best fit you, it is best to start with a small amount of each, mix a few of your own, and document your results. Much like everything in the natural hair world, there is no one-size-fits-all remedy. Therefore, begin with the oils that address your particular hair concerns and branch out to explore others, as much as you feel comfortable. Regardless of what, be sure to increase the usage of oils that seems to have positive effects and discontinue any that display adverse ones.

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